Baba Garibnath Temple


Devoted to Lord Shiva, Baba Garibnath Temple is also called 2nd Baidyanath. It is believed that there had a banyan tree at that place where there is the temple now and the owner tried to cut down the tree, he revealed a Shivalinga inside the tree. At the same evening, the owner dreamt of Baba Gabrinath and get an order to make a temple at the site and set up the Shivalinga in the temple.

Why It’s Important:

Among the centers of the Muzaffarpur appeal is Baba Garibnath Temple that resides in the middle of the community. In the temple there has a Shivling which is also known as Baba Gareebnath. It is said that where Temple currently stands, the Shivaling was acquired from that Peepal Tree only. The person who cut down the tree saw blood oozing from that, revealing the Shivling that forced him to construct the shrine, which today attracts a lot of devotees. Baba Gareebnath Temple is particularly packed in the holy month of Shravan.

Some Interesting Facts:

Baba Garibnath temple is situated at Purani Bazar’s location of Muzaffarpur in Bihar. This religious place is among the sacred and also the oldest temples of Muzaffarpur.  Lord Ganesha and Goddess Parvati can also be worshiped here. In the first temple complex, a huge banyan tree is fixed for the devotees to organize other events and picnic. Maha Shivratri’ celebration is found in this holy and ancient temple. This is an extremely sacred area to commemorate felicitous fest by folks to follow Hindu Culture. Large carcades are performed within the town, with individuals thronging the streets to capture a look of the venerate idol of Mahadeva. Fairs are organized on the evening of Shivratri and also sing hymns and also praises in the title of Lord Shiva. Devotees around the world visit these temples for being blessed with a good fortune with this revered day.

The way to reach: Probably the closest airport to Muzaffarpur the Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport in Patna, situated at a distance of around seventy-six km. The airport has flights to and from New Delhi, Mumbai, Ranchi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa, and Lucknow.

Best Time to Visit:

The perfect time to visit Garibnath Temple is during the winter season, spans from December through February. Winter days are often hotter compared to the evenings, making this season to check out the Garibnath Temple and check out everything it offers.


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