Godhan in Bihar


History This celebration is additionally called Yama Dwitiya. As the legend goes, Yama removes any individual who is too acceptable and has never been reviled by others. So the convention is for sisters to curse … Read more

Satuani Festival in Bihar


History Jude Sheetal, otherwise called Pahila or Pohela Boishakh, is additionally the birthday of Raja. Shailesh, the lord of the Himalayan locale of Mithila. The day is praised as the Maithili New Year and follows … Read more

Buddha Jayanti

Buddha Jayanti

History of Buddha Jayanti Gautam Buddha Jayanti is a yearly celebration celebrated by Buddhists to stamp the birth commemoration of Prince Siddhartha Gautam or Gautam Buddha. The celebration is commended as a public occasion in … Read more



History Of the numerous accounts identifying with Shiva described during the Madhushravani merriments, yearly held during the storm, one goes subsequently: Once, he and Parvati, lost in adoration, were playing in the water. In some … Read more

Rajgir Mahotsav


History of Rajgir Mahotsav Presently a humble community, Rajgir was previously the capital of the powerful Magadh domain and was referred to by different names, for example, Vasumati, Barhdrathpura, Girivraja, Kusagrapura, and Rajgriha. The incomparable … Read more