Janki Mandir ‘Sita’


According to the local tells alludes to the epic Ramayana and renowned as where Sita was nurtured under a shade in the cultivating field where the King Janaka found her as a newborn. This is a genuinely enormous temple with an advanced structure. Sita, Ram, and Hanuman are the main god of the temple. There has a tank known as Janki Kund; in this holy spot, Janaka used to offer a shower to the child Sita according to the popular legendary story. There are a huge courtyard and provision for solar-powered lights.

Why it is Important:

In Mithila area, Janaki Mandir, located it is a well-known Hindu temple that is made for goddess Sita. It is a Hindu-Koiri Nepali architecture. It is mostly known as the most striking design of Koiri engineering. Completely implicit bright-white and built in a zone of 4,860 sq. This is a three-storied structure made totally of stone and marble. All its 60 rooms are decorated with Nepal’s banner, hued glass, designs, and artistic creations, with beautiful cross-section windows and turrets. As indicated by legends and sagas, King Janak controlled this region during the Ramayana period. His girl Janaki known as Sita during her sambar, choose Lord Rama as her better half and become the sovereign of Ayodhya. Their wedding ritual had happened in the close by the temple, which is also called vivaha mandap.

Some Interesting Facts:

Legends say that where the temple situated in Sitamarhi, is the location where Sita Maa willingly went into Earth. Sita maa had done this because Lord Rama asked Sita maa for another Agni-Pariksha as Sita maa was residing in the ashram of Valmiki Rishi in the forests of Sitamarhi. Punaura Dham, near Sitamarhi, is the location which is famous becaus Sita was born there. Once King Janak ploughed the area to impress Indra Deva for rain as the place was go through the drought. At that time plough of Raja Janak struck an earthen pot from where Sita maa appeared. Hence it’s the birth spot of Sita. It’s so popular site of Hindu worshiper.

How to Reach:

Patna Lok Nayak Jayprakash Airport is the nearest airport, 180 km away from this temple, which connects the whole country. The Sitamarhi Railway Station is 1.5 Km away and from Sitamarhi Bus Stand you get bus, cabs, and autos.

Best time to visit:

Lovers overflow the temple in thousands during Navratri and Ram Navami celebrations and this is the best time to visit this temple.


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