5 Bucket List Trips in India


God’s Own Land, Kerala has to offer you a variety of options so that you can add Kerala to your bucket list trip. Kerala, surrounded by the coconut trees and the lagoons with the existing traditional culture of Kerala and the smell of spices collected from the spice gardens are a complete package of beauty and enchantment. The Venice of the East will offer you a majestic aura as you stay on a kettuvallam¬† (a houseboat) in the backwaters of Alleppey.

Alleppey also provides water resources to the inhabitants. The Tea plantation land on Kalypso will excite you with the tree farming methods and how to brew a delightful masala Tea. The exotic delicacies of Kerala mixed with the chilli sauce will linger on your tastebuds for a longer period. The richest temple of Lord Padmanabhaswamy is going to take you with wonder with the presence of the secret chamber closed by a door and sealed by a mantra. The traditions and the herbal remedy of Kerala must not be missed.

Leh Ladakh

Famous adventurous hub in India; Leh Ladakh is rich in beautiful landscapes and the panoramic beauty it offers to the visitors. The snow-covered mountains, the frozen lakes, the peaceful ambience and the chantings from the divine monasteries give Leh Ladakh a different aura, to begin with. The exotic snow leopards and other animals present in Hemis National Park will be an exciting journey for you through the mountain forests.

Trekking through the mountain paths or riding on your bike through the mountain roads and the fresh breeze hitting your face takes you to a different zone of blissfulness. Do not miss out on the delicacies of the butter produced from Yaks, especially; Chang, Butter Tea and Butter Pasta on your bucket trip to Leh Ladakh.

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If you are looking for some adventure into the mountains with some refreshments then it is highly recommended that you visit Rishikesh. You will be amused by the activities Rishikesh will be providing you with and Rishikesh is known for being the best spot for bungee jumping and river rafting on the gushing holy waters of river Ganga. Trekking through the mountain pathways is a source of exploring the secrecy of the undiscovered mountain roads.

Rishikesh is known for the holiness and sacredness it holds and is especially a popular religious and pilgrimage site for many. If you are looking for something away from adventuring but find yourself into some peaceful transition then the meditation and health centres of Rishikesh are your destination, after all, Rishikesh got its title as the Yoga Capital of India. You can go on a religious journey to the temples and other holy sites. In the evening you should be a part of the divine aarti performed on the ghats of river Ganga; Triveni Sangam Ghat. Just let yourself be under the divine and adventurous roof of Rishikesh.


Vrindavan is the holy place where many pilgrims from various regions visit here all over the year and the most important festival of Vrindavan is Holi. The land of Goddess Radharani and Lord Krishna seems to hold onto their attachments of love for each other and that gave rise to the Prem Mandir. The famous Iskcon Temple was first founded at Vrindavan and is now spread across various continents.

The mysterious Nidhivan where nobody dares to enter after the evening puja carries on the myth of being Lord Krishna’s stage for Raas Leela with Goddess Radha and other Gopinis (maidens). The famous temples of Banke Bihariji, Goddess Katyayani’s Satipeeth and Lord Gopeshwar and the famous Keshi Ghat and the Yamuna river offer a panoramic beauty and sacredness to your bucket list visit at Vrindavan.


Nagaland is known for the traditional and a destination for exploring the unexplored. Filled with immense vegetation and hills Nagaland is also home to a variety of exotic species of wildlife. You will be thrilled as you journey to the Naga Hills and the panoramic view you are going to meet with will suffice your soul with tranquillity.

The innocent and heartwarming hospitality you will get from the locals will make you remember for your lifetime. Though they are curious and introverted the first time, they will get comfortable as you try to understand them on your visit. The traditional music and dance of the tribes are certainly a sight to behold that seems to melt together with nature. You can visit the Christian Cathedral, Longwa Village, Twin Stones, Ntangi and Nagaland National Park on your visit to Nagaland. Nagaland’s market is a sight to experience the market of the Philippines that is why Nagaland markets are said to be mini Philippines markets.


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