Why Does Gujarat’s Temple Vanish into the Sea Twice daily? Unveiling the Mystery of This Extraordinary Phenomenon

It’s not incorrect to say that Indians have a strong faith in worship, and temples hold significant cultural importance. However, temples serve more than just as places of worship; they represent a vital aspect of Indian society. With over 10 lakh temples in India, each holds its unique significance, fostering enduring faith among devotees.

One such remarkable temple is the Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple in Kavi Kamboi village, located approximately 175 km from Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s capital. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Khambhat, this temple attracts visitors from far and wide due to its mystical charm.

Why Does the Temple Fall into the Lap of the Sea?

Gujarat's temple vanish into the sea

The temple’s history dates back to the time of Tarakasur, a demon who received a boon from Lord Shiva that only Shiva’s son could slay him before his son reached the age of 6 days. Following the birth of Kartikeya and the demon’s demise, Lord Vishnu instructed Kartikeya to establish a Shivalinga at the site of the demon’s defeat, leading to the creation of the Stambheshwar Temple.

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This temple’s unique feature is its submergence by the sea twice a day, during morning and evening tides, a natural occurrence that adds to its mystique. Devotees believe that the temple’s immersion symbolizes Lord Shiva’s ablution with seawater. The temple hosts a grand fair annually on Mahashivaratri and Amavasya, with night-long worship conducted during auspicious occasions like Pradosh-Gyaras and Poonam, attracting devotees from nearby villages and distant places.

How to Reach the Temple

The temple’s revered status is evident in its mention in the Shiva Mahapuran, further adding to its allure. Situated 85 km from Vadodara, Gujarat, the temple is accessible via various modes of transportation, including bus, train, or flight to Vadodara, followed by a short journey to the temple. Parking facilities are available for those traveling by personal vehicles.

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