Agam Kuan Patna


Agam Kuan, Kuan means the well, and it is commonly believed to be linked to Ashoka. Agam Kuan was an Ashoka’s hellfire chambers and utilized for purposes for suffering. The fire applied to heat the well, and he tossed the fire into this well. A myth has that this is the place where Ashoka executed his ninety-nine siblings by throwing them into the well. His purpose was to be the king of the Mauryan realm.

Why It Is Important:

Agam Kuan is an archeological site identified with various fantasies and legends throughout the years, which is mostly connected with Mauryan ruler Ashoka. The well, which is connected with Agam Kuan, is referenced as the terrible’ in numerous records, which was presumably once a piece of Ashoka’s notorious Hell chambers utilized for torment before following Buddhism. Individuals currently treat the well with adoration and toss in blossoms and coins to get their supplications and wishes heard.

Some Interesting Facts:

Some Interesting Facts about Agam Kuan that it is linked with River Ganges. A spiritual person once got a substantial chart under the well, which had been missed in the ocean before; it was assumed that the well is linked with the hell (Patala). There Have 8 rounded windows that allow a look at the deep water. During Akbar’s rule, a structure was sculptured nearby this well. There are a few other entrancing stories identified with this well.

The web site is connected with a number of Jain legends; probably the most outstanding of these because of a Jain monk, Sudarshana which when tossed into the very well by King Chand was found hanging on the outside, seated over a lotus. It is said that this well never evaporates and the water level varies somewhere in the range of 1 and 5 feet. Devotees toss blossoms and coins into this well as it is viewed as propitious. Some story said that at the ruling time of Mughal, they through lots of silver and gold into the Agam Kuan‘s well.

How to Reach:

One can arrive at this spot using rickshaws, auto, private taxis, or buses from Patna city. Agam Kuan 6.6 Km away from the Patna Railway station, on the east side. The closest air terminal is the Patna Airport, which is situated 11 km away from Agam Kuan

Best Time to Visit:

October to March is the best time for visiting this spot. If you are a History lover, then you should visit this place during the winter season.


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