Patan Devi Temple


Patan Devi, is one of the most established and also the most consecrated temples of Patna and also called Maa Patneshwari., It is the fifty-one Siddha Shakti Pithas in India according to Hindu folklore, according to the legends, the’ right thigh’ of Devi Sati had dropped here when it had been cut above by Lord Vishnu with his’ Sudarshan Chakra’. The Badi Patan Devi and Chhoti Patan Devi temple were developed at the same location. The present temple here was worked by King Vikramaditya. Ruler Suheldeo of Sravasti had redesigned the temple in the eleventh century. During Navratri a huge fair started here in every year, in the occasion of Chaitra Panchami. The spirituality of famous Pir Ratan Nath is brought in every year on that day from Dang. It was found at Nepal where it is revered alongside the Devi.


Patan Devi Temple also known as Pataneshwari Devi temple is a magnificent temple, centrally located in the Chowk location of Patna. The temple includes two temples like Bari (big) Patan Devi Temple as well as Chhoti (small) Patan Devi Temple. It’s commonly thought that the specific Patan Devi Temples had influenced the title of the district.

The average and the Chhoti Patan Devi Temple appears in the Chowk location of Patna. This temple is much more well-known wearing comparability on the Bari Patan Devi Temple; however, through the years, the latter has emerged as much more popular among the 2. The temple involves different idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, and Surya.

On the other hand, Bari Patan Devi Temple is close to the Ganga River as well as faces the northern aspect. There is a portico of 1.5’ x 1.5’ dimension, at the entry of the temple. The temple’s primary appeal is the fact that of the idols in the entry of goddesses Mahakali, Maha Lakshmi, Bhairav, and maha Saraswati produced in black stones. Different fairs or festivals are kept around these temples during the time of Vijaydashmi.

The best way to reach:

Patan Devi temple can be covered from Patna Bus Station.  The distance is approx ten km from the Patna Junction Railway Station. Rickshaws, taxis, etc. are also available from Patna, Gulzarbagh, as well as Patna City railway facilities.

Best Time to Visit:

Navaratri and also Durga Ashtami is the ideal moment to experience the magnificence of Patan Devi Temple. Numerous devotees go to this temple on an enormous scale.


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