Jal Mandir (Pawapuri)


The meaning of Jal Mandir is Water Temple. In Pawapuri, The Jal Mandir Known as Apapuri which means a town without evil. In the Indian state of Bihar, this is a profoundly worshipped temple which was build to commit Lord Mahavira, the 24th Thirthankara, Heads of Jainism and organizer of Jain religion, which expresses the Jal Mandir of his incineration. In 528 BC, Mahavira ended Nirvana’s forgiveness in Pawapuri. The temple had been worked inside a tank loaded up with red-hued lotus blossoms. Inside the Jal temple in Pawpuri, the “Charan Paduka” or footprint of Mahavira is idolized.

Why It Is Important:

The temple, a well known and holy journey focal point of Jainism. It is an ancient story, at Pawapuri town, The Lord Mahavira realized Nirvana. The spot of his incineration turned into a journey community when an enormous number of pioneers took out a considerable measure of soil from the site, which was considered as hallowed remains of Lord Mahavira, and accordingly made a large pit which got topped off with water and turned into a tank. Jal Mandir marks the place of his incineration and is a position of extraordinary strict significance. Contained inside the water body with red lotus blossoms, this temple is among the most visited place in Bihar.

Some Interesting Facts:

Jal Mandir, which means a “temple in the water,” is built by white marble into a water body; the water body estimates 84 bighas (16.8 acres). The water body fills with beautiful lotuses. This compositionally exquisite temple as a Vimana or chariot has the impression of Mahavira for adore. A 600 foot/180 m long way created by stone to connect the temple with the land. The temple sparkles bright and magnificent during a sunset night. The lake has numerous types of fish that are taken care of by the clerics and enthusiasts.

How to Reach:

At the Pawapuri Jal Mandir Road, the Jal Mandir located. The closest air terminal is at Patna 101 km away. This airway connects Patna to Bombay, Delhi, Kolkata and all the India’s cities. The nearest railroad station is Rajgir and 90 km from Patna railway station. You can book a cab or any vehicles from any cities of Bihar to visit Pawapuri Jal Mandir.

Best Time to Visit:

You can visit this beautiful Jal mandir whenever of the year, but the best an ideal time to visit is during the long stretches of October to March. The atmosphere is less hot during this season.


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