Rohtas Fort


On the banks of Sone River Rohtasgarh Fort is one of the oldest forts of India situated in Rohtas. The fort is situated in the Naxalite area and lots of anti-social elements have made it the home of theirs, therefore the fort is restricted for all the travelers. The height of the hill is 1500m where the fort is situated. To reach the gate on the fort travelers need to climb the stairs that is quite exhausting.

According to some historians the fort was created by Raja Harishchandra of sun dynasty. As his son name was Rohitashv, so he named the fort Rohtas after his son’s name.

Why vital

The palace comprises many structures extending from north to south, plus is entered from the west through an excellent courtyard confined within high walls. On the subjective aspect of this particular courtyard had been the quarters that served as barracks for the troops, and also at the north-eastern corner of it is the main gate of the palace. It’s a vast arch flanked on each side by the picture of an elephant carved in stone, from which it derives the title of the elephant or hathiya Pol gate.

Some interesting fact:

It opens onto a big vaulted guard room, after which one comes the Barahduari. It is said thatThe viceroy this portion of the palace as the audience hall. In front there is an open verandah that is connected with a big room with a vaulted roof overlooked by a corridor running along its entire length. Staircases at one or the other side lead to the areas on top of the floors, as well as on the flat top that is crowned by tiny cupolas.

The best TimeTime to go to

 Summer months are hot in Rohtas, and winter is quite cold. From October to March is the best time to go to the fort if you want to visit. At this time the weather becomes pleasant. Although January is extremely cold but people will like visit the fort in this time.  to enjoy the waterfall, the visitors can go in the time of monsoon though the weather is humid and hot at that Time.

How to Reach Rohtasgarh Fort

Rohtasgarh Fort is 102km from Sasaram that is well connected to different cities through roads and rail transport. There is no airport in Sasaram, so visitors can catch a bus, train or taxi to Sasaram from Gaya airport which is nearest airport.


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