Pataliputra, one of the most established occupied places in the world, was established on the southern bank of the waterway Ganga in 490 CE by the lord of Magadha. It has been the capital of the Magadha domain under various administrations, like the Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga and Gupta traditions. Kumhrar, situated in the eastern side of the city, is notable because of the ruins of obsolete Pataliputra from the Mauryan period.

Why It Is Important:

Kumhrar Park is a story lover’s den and also bears immense significance within the evolution of Patna. It’s the living example of the cultural brilliance of ancient Pataliputra or Patna. Located 5 kilometers away from the central city, this particular location has a fascinating and enriching insight inside the wealthy heritage of the great Mauryan civilization. Kumhrar cradles the archeological remains of the Mauryan time in the form of a palace which contains a hypostyle 80 pillared hall.

The excavation results at Kumhrar throw lightweight along with the early capital of Chandragupta, Ashoka, and Ajatshatru, as well as collectively accentuate the rich assortment of relics from 4 consecutive times coming from 600 BC to 600 CE. The artifact compilation mostly comprises ancient ornaments, stone beads, copper coins, terracotta beads, photographs, toy carts, utensils, and other things. Further excavations have unraveled different facets of the early Pataliputra within the form of Anand Bihar, a Buddhist monastery made of brick, Arogya Vihar- an old medical clinic and the Durakhi Devi Temple.

Some Interesting Facts:

The archeological survives from old Pataliputra specifically the Eighty pillared corridor and Arogya Vihar are situated at Kumrahar around six kms east of Patna railroad station. Kumhrar Park could be the location where the damages of Patliputra of the Mauryan era have been found. Probably the most prominent remnants are of 80-pillared-hall along with Panini’s Arogyashala. The 80-pillared-hall was known as Ashoka’s palace, market hall, etc. However, the most appropriate perspective is it was the convention hall just for the 3rd Buddhist Council kept at Patliputra wearing 3rd Century BC throughout the reign of Ashoka.

How to Reach:

From south of Patna Junction, this place is 6-7 km away, the Kumhrar territory of the Kankarbagh. It is connected to the street. Vehicles are effectively accessible from Patna intersection to reach.

Best Time to Visit:

Whenever you can visit this spot yet during Morning, Afternoon, and Evening is ideal for exploring. This is a best place for History Lovers.


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