Malmas Mela | District Nalanda, Government of Bihar


In the Devi Bhagavata Purana, it is written that altruistic and commendable acts and fastings and so forth, completed during this Mal Maas (Adhik Maas), definitely produce results. Similarly, as nuclear estimated substance inside a seed produces a monster and long-living Banyan tree, thus, in a similar way, even a little beneficent act done during Mal Maas (Adhik Maas) creates enormous outcomes.

Dham of Rishikund in Munger has the significance to arrange the Malmas Mela long back. It draws in a great many enthusiasts daily during Malmas Mela. Enthusiasts scrub down at natural aquifer and offer love and petition at different underground aquifer source and sanctuaries. This year Malmas Mela was held at Rishikund from sixteenth May to thirteenth June 2018.

Importance of Malmas Mela

As per Hindu schedule, Malmas month comes after like clockwork during the English month of May, June or July. This is likewise well known with name Purushottam Mas and Adhik Mas. As per Vasishtha Siddhanta (one of the most punctual galactic frameworks used in India), Adhik Maas or the extra lunar month happens after clockwork, 16 days and 8 Ghatis (a Ghatis is a time of 24 minutes and 60 Ghadts equivalents 24 hours).

As we probably know, a sunlight-based year comprises 365 days and around 06 minutes, and the lunar year comprises 354 days. Accordingly, both the sun based and the lunar years have holes of 11 days, 60 minutes, 31 minutes and 12 seconds. As this hole expands every year, it approximates in three years to one month called Adhik or Malmas.

Malmas Mela at Rajgir in Nalanda locale and Rishikund in Munger area are renowned everywhere in the country. This year Malmas Mela was commended from sixteenth May to thirteenth June as per English schedule at both the spot of Bihar.

Interesting Facts about Malmas Mela

The road is spread with bright strings, and cotton creates. The neighbourhood sweet like Jalebi, Padakiya, Khaja, Peda, Laung-Latika all line a column for sell in the city. The nearby merchants appreciate the seasons as they get a few advantages from it. The sparkly day of mid-summer can’t be served without some moment caffeinated drink. I found a little kid with a woman setting up a brilliant arrangement of beverages under a major umbrella and captivated me to have one glass without asking how it would taste.

As you advance toward the foot of Rishikund Hill, you will see a lake brimming with water. The water coming from the natural aquifer source get gathered in the lake. There are seven wellsprings of the underground aquifer in Rishikund. The water close to the source is most perfect and most sweltering. These underground aquifer sources are involved by clerics (Pandas) who can offer supplication and love. Aficionados can either wash up close to this source or in the lake. There are various sanctuaries to offer Worship.

It is accepted that a priest Shringi Rishi used to live in the slope scopes of the Rishi Kund. Ruler Dasharatha was honoured with Lord Rama as his child after offering a Yajna (sacrifice, commitment, love and custom did before a sacrosanct fire called Yagya) Rishikund in the wake of saying of Shringi Rishi. As per all these accepting, Rishikund has its own specific strict significance.

Time to Celebrate

Malmas month has unique significance for Hindu, and it comes just a single time in three years. It is accepted that strict action completed for the current month is more valuable than the standard time. This trusting Hindu enthusiast of whole India is occupied with strict exercises, for example, love, Bhagavad Bhakti, quick fasting and yoga consistently.