Bihari Thali Dishes That You Must Not Miss

India has 28 states and eight union territories, so every state and Union territory has specialty food items. When you go anywhere in India, you find the local taste in the food, which is so flavorful. The style of cooking the food is distinct from state to state. When you visit Punjab, you will be served with Punjabi thali. In which you will find Makke ki Roti, Saag, Lassi, etc., on your plate, so like visiting the Southern state, you will get a chance to eat sambar, dosa, rasam, uttapam, etc.

Now today, we are going to describe what Bihari Thali is all about. Bihar is situated in the east part of the country, and the state shares its boundaries with Nepal as well. If we speak about the Bihari Thali, then firstly, you need to know that the items in Bihari Thali change every 3-4 months as the season changes. Still, Roti, Achaar, Chutney, Daal, and Milk Products always remain the same.

In Bihari Thali, the main ingredients used are Mustard Oil, Chana Dal, Poha, Sattu, Rice Flour, and Panch Poran. Mustard Oil brings a superior taste to Bihari Thali. In any Bihari Thali, you will find dishes with protein. The main items in any Bihari Thali are Kadi Badi, Aloo Matar ki Bhunjia, Palak Ka Saag, Tamatar ka Chokha, Dahi, Salad, Roti, Chawal, and Hari Chutney.

Kadi Badi

Kadi Badi is a traditional dish that is served in Bihari Thali. The Kadi is made of blended chickpeas with curd. Before making kadi dumplings, which are also called as bad, they are prepared through chickpeas flour. While making the Kadi, these bad are dunked in the curry of chickpeas flour and curd. After that, a tadka is given to the Kadi with Mustard Oil.

Tamatar Ka Chokha

As the name suggests, it is prepared through only tomatoes, and in Bihari Thali Tamatar ka Chokha served as Bihari Salad. First, tomatoes are roasted with onion, green chili in Mustard Oil until the tomatoes are crushed and mushy. By preparing this dish in Mustard Oil gives you a taste of another level.

Matar Aloo Ki Bhunjia

This is typically like Aloo Matar sabji. To prepare this dish, Potatoes are sauteed and then cooked in the prepared spice curry. After some time, green peas were added to it to make a delicious Matar Aloo ki Bhunjia.

Palak Ka Saag

Palak is also called Spinach, and in Bihar, you will find various types of saag. After all, this is very healthy for everyone. Palak ka saag is an essential part of Bihari Thali. As the palak ka saag is not required to cook more and more, the nutrients of Spinach remain in it.

Yogurt or Flavoured Dahi

This is purely made from Dahi, and it is very healthy to eat. To make the Yoghurt Dahi tastier, it is required to add red pomegranate. This dish will provide much-required protein to your body.

Sattu Ke Ladoo

After eating our meal, we want something sweet to fulfill our carve. In Bihari Thali, you will find Sattu Ke Ladoo most often. These ladoos are made of roasted gram flour. This roasted flour consists of a unique flavor, and it is considered a most excellent source of protein.  These sattu ke ladoo are very delicious, and it is a very wonderful dessert for everyone. After preparing Sattu Ke ladoo they can be store for more than two months. Now we get the idea as to what all the dishes are served in a Bihari Thali. So when you are going to taste this so much delicious and


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