Bihar Sweets – East or West Bihari Sweets is Best

Food is incomplete without a sweet dish. Eating any sweet after food is considered as one of the important tasks. There are lots of sweets available in our country. The Varieties of Sweet vary from state to state. In today’s topic, we are going to know about the famous sweets of Bihar. In our previous topics, we have covered the dishes from Bihar, but the sweets part is still uncovered. So without any delay, let’s get started to know about the most famous sweets of this state.

In Bihar, you will find a large diversity of traditional sweets. If you go further in the eastern part of India, especially in Orissa and Bengal, you will find that Sweets that are made there are soaked in Sugar Syrup, but the sweets which are made in Bihar are completely dry.

Tilkut Barfi

This sweet dish is available only in winter. It is prepared from white sesame seeds. First of all, the sesame seeds are to be roasted for a few minutes. After that, take out the sesame seeds from the pan and then put Ghee in the pan, and when the Ghee melts, add Jaggery in it. Till the time jaggery gets mixed with Ghee, Grind the sesame seeds in a mixer. When Jaggery melts completely, then add sesame seeds in it and cook it for a few minutes. Now switch off the gas and let the mixture sit at room temperature. Pour this mixture into a plate and spread it. Now garnish it with almonds and green Cardamom powder. The Tilkut Barfi from Gaya (Bihar) is very famous.


This sweet dish from Bihar is quite similar to the Greek recipe Baklava. It is prepared mainly from Maida, Ghee, and Sugar. To prepare Khaja, first of all, we need to prepare a smooth dough of maida with the help of Ghee. Now roll the knead maida with a rolling pin and try to roll as thin as possible. After that, cut the sides to give it the shape of a rectangle. Try to roll tightly from one side to another. Remember that there will be no gap in it. Now get it fried in hot oil and, after that, soaked in sugar syrup. If you want to taste Khaja in Bihar, then you will find it in Silao, Nalanda, Pipra & Supaul.


Malpua is like a pancake which is served as dessert or a snack item, and it is famous in the whole country & especially in Bihar. It is prepared from Rice Flour, Plain Flour, Coconut Water & Sugar, etc. Many types of Malpua are prepared and consumed in Bihar. If you are in Bihar, then you will get to taste different types of malpua, and the preparation method of every type of malpua is different from each other, but the taste of every malpua recipe is amazing.

Parwal Ki Mithai

This sweet dish is prepared from the vegetable named Pointed Gourd. To prepare this sweet first of all, the skin of this vegetable needs to be peeled and then boil it to make it a little bit soft. After that, the fillings of Khoya and dry fruits are filled in it. Then it needs to imbibe with a lukewarm syrup of sugar.


This sweet is prepared only & only from milk. The method of preparing Khurchan is very simple. First of all, pour the 1.5 Litre Milk into a Wok and boil it for a moment and then lower the flame. You need to stir the milk regularly so that it doesn’t get stuck to the bottom of the wok. We need to cook the milk until it remains ¾ of the total quantity. When you find that milk remains around 250 Ml and it is very dense. Now add sugar and cardamom powder in milk and put off the flame so that your khurchan cools down. When it gets cold, add pistachios and almonds for garnishing.

Other famous Bihar sweets are:-

● Chhena

● Rabri

● Thekua

● Khajur

● Kheer

● Laktho

● Churma

● Balushahi

● Anarasa

● Motichur ka Ladoo

● Khabauni

● Gulab Jamun

● Kala Jamun

● KhurmaMark

● Pantua

● Belgrami

● Padokkia

● Murki

● Gujiya

● Kasar

● Makhana Kheer

● Paan Peda

● Lai

● Dangra ka Tilkut

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