Sonepur Mela ‘Hari Har Nath’


This present Mela’s begun by the ruler Chandragupta Maurya who trade elephants and horses over the Ganga River. Numerous merchants from Central Asia would assemble to participate according to chronicled records. Recently, the fair is held at Hajipur for space issues. Because of the mela origin at Sonepur, the puja and worship held there. 

Why it is Important:

The Sonepur Cattle Fair is probably the biggest fair in Asia that happens every year in Bihar’s Vaishali locale. The mela is organized at the bank of the river Gandak, the city of Sonepur. This tradional cattle fair is generally known as ‘Sonepur Mela.’ This year it will be started on 20th November 2020. 

In Sonepur Mela, you can buy and trade everything and all types of animals. 

Some Interesting Facts:

Along with purchasing and selling creatures like cattle, hounds, cats, camels, and so forth, different things, such as garments, crafted works, and furniture, are also found in the slows down. Even though elephants’ deal and acquisition have been restricted, many proprietors carry them to the fair to parade them. Besides buying and selling the animals, various events, such as Magic shows, Merry-go-modifies, and Tantric practices can likewise be found.

Puja is usually arranged at the Harihar Nath temple, since it is the watchman altar of the spot, and due to the myth it is organized here. Devotees get soaked in the waters where Gandak River and the Ganges meet to search for enrichments and refine themselves. A few rivalries, for example, animal race, are also sorted out. 

As the sun sets over Sonepur, a new excitement starts up Mela’s appeal. Grown-ups, just as youths, accumulate to perceive what is named as ‘Theater.’ Numerous young ladies, wearing clothes to appeal the crowd, are set up on a phase. Many young ladies get on the stage with the excitement of the performance. At the same time, in background the popular Bhojpuri music plays through the amplifiers. 

How to Reach:

Sonepur is all around associated by street to Patna (56 km), Muzaffarpur 36 km, and Hajipur 5 km. From Patna Airport, this place 30 km away, and the nearest railway station is Sonepur Junction. Otherwise, anyone can book a taxi from any city in Bihar to go to this fair. 

Best Time to visit:

The Mela begins on the promising Hindu holy event of Kartik Purnima when explorers have an early morning shower in the stream and proceeds for a month.


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