Tanah Lot: A Tale of a Temple Guarded by Snakes! It’s Nestled Amidst the Waves of the Sea

There are many unique temples around the world that are famous for their special features, whether it’s their design or mysterious stories. Some temples are centuries old and hold hidden tales and enigmas. Today, we’ll talk about one such temple situated amidst the sea and guarded by snakes.

Yes, it’s a special temple located in Bali, Indonesia, known as the Tanah Lot Temple. This temple stands on a large rock by the sea coast. The story of its construction is fascinating.

How was the Temple Built on the Rock?

In 1980, the rock supporting the temple weakened and began to crumble, leading to the area being declared hazardous. However, with the help of the Japanese government, Indonesia managed to secure the temple. About one-third of the rock was covered with artificial material and reshaped. Legend says that a priest named Nirartha built the temple in the 15th century. He was enchanted by the beauty of the place during his beach walk.

It’s said that the priest asked local fishermen to construct a temple for the sea god at this spot. According to belief, the temple is safeguarded from evil spirits and wrongdoers by venomous snakes residing beneath its rock. Legend has it that Priest Nirartha summoned a mighty sea serpent to protect the temple with his divine power, and it continues to do so to this day.

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