7-Day Trip to Ladakh: An Ultimate Guide To Adventure

Are you planning a trip to Ladakh? Ladakh is a union territory in India, covered in clear white ice, throughout the year. It is surrounded by Jammu & Kashmir territory to the west, and by Himachal Pradesh to the south, while the northern borders are disputed by Pakistan and the eastern borders are shared or perhaps, disputed by China.

However, this geographical complication doesn’t keep the tourists from exploring this beautiful part of India. Planning the trip to Ladakh is a tough job, but not for you! You’re in the right place and I am here with a tour guide for your trip to Ladakh.

This article comprises a tour guide for a 7-day trip to Ladakh. So, let’s get going!

7-Day Trip to Ladakh: Ultimate Guide!

There are only two ways to begin your trip to Ladakh: via airways or roadways. Read How to Reach Ladakh: Only 2 Ways to Reach the Mesmerizing Beauty, for a detailed guide. I suggest taking the airways to reach Leh conveniently.

The stay is suggested to be booked in advance, like transportation as vehicles from outside, except the privately owned cars, are prohibited in Ladakh.

Now, if you may be wondering how will you live your dream of a road trip to Ladakh, here’s how it happens. After reaching Ladakh, you can rent a bike of your choice or any other vehicle like the Traveler or minibusses.

If you’ve read my other articles, you must be aware of the fact that I don’t suggest going for a tour through any agency or mediators but, I strongly suggest considering a travel agency while going to Ladakh for the best experience with no chaos or tension.

Day 1 of the Trip to Ladakh: Reaching Leh

Considering the airways, you’ll reach Leh in a few hours from Delhi or Mumbai, Chandigarh, Srinagar, and Jammu. However, if you take any other medium, it’ll take at least two days just to reach the capital of Ladakh, Leh.

You have to spend your first day of the trip to Ladakh in complete rest to acclimatize yourself. This wouldn’t stop you from touring in and around Leh but avoid going too far right away. The oxygen level varies here challengingly from anywhere else. Therefore it’s best to stay at your hotel and get some rest the first day.

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Leh Main Market, Ladakh

In the evening, go for a walk in the Leh market and discover some good cafes or try street food.

Day 2 of the Trip to Ladakh: Explore Leh

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Leh Palace, Leh

On your next day of the trip to Ladakh, head right away to the itineraries in Leh. Leh has some of the most fascinating tourist attractions including the Leh Palace. The palace’s outstanding architecture depicts the Tibetan construction style and the best part is that you can see the whole Leh from here.

You can find more suggestions in this article- Leh Ladakh Trip: 6 Must-visit Destinations For A Memorable Tour!

Explore Leh as much as you’d like to and head back to your stay to get a good night’s sleep as you’ll have to start with your next day very early in the morning.

Day 3 of the Trip to Ladakh: Nubra Valley

On day 3 begin your trip to Ladakh outside Leh. Hire a taxi driver or any other desirable vehicle and head to Khardungla Pass. This pass is one of the highest passes in the world, and thus the chances of AMS are extreme here.

I suggest you take a few pictures here and run!

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Khardungla Pass was once the highest motorable road in the world.

Passing through Khardungla, you will now stop at Nubra Valley. In Nubra Valley, you must explore the sand dunes, ride Bactrian camels in Hunder, and move to Diskit. Here, you will find a marvelous big statue of Buddha in Diskit Monastery. The statue was situated to promote peace between India and Pakistan.

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Diskit Monastery, Diskit

You can find good options for staying in Diskit and Hunder. After touring around, head to your hotel and try to sleep with all the excitement for another day of adventure.

Day 4 of the Trip to Ladakh: Pangong Tso Lake

The next destination on your trip to Ladakh is the color-changing, surreal, and serene Pangong Lake. There are two routes to reach this lake: through Shok Village and through the Warila route. Anyhow, the destination is worth the wait!

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Pangong Tso Lake, Leh, Ladakh

Return from this lake to your hotel and enjoy the rest of the day at ease. The next day, you’ll return to Leh.

Day 5 of the Trip to Ladakh: Returning to Leh

Now is your time to go back to Leh. I suggest if you go to Pangong Lake in the afternoon or evening, maybe try waking up earlier the next day and visiting the lake in the morning too. This view is unmatched and super-rare, try not to miss it.

7-Day Trip to Ladakh
Hemis Monastery

On your return journey, choose the route that encompasses Changla Pass. Visit some more monasteries like Hemis, Sakna, and others.

Day 6 of the Trip to Ladakh: Sham Valley

Covering the beauty of Pangong and various monasteries, Sham Valley is your next destination. The valley is the home to your dream road for the bike ride you’ve always pictured in your mind.

7 Day Trip to Ladakh 7
A beautiful snapshot by Wanderers Hub

Some of the great places to explore in Sham Valley are Gurudwara Sri Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hill, and more. You can try rafting here in Zanskar River and witness the beautiful confluence of the Indus with the Zanskar River.

Return to Leh on this day or spend the night while camping in the valley.

Day 7 of the Trip to Ladakh: From Leh to Home Journey

On your seventh day, spend the time shopping and preparing for going back home. You can buy various types of souvenirs that are easily available in almost every place in Leh.

I suggest making the retuning journey roadway to experience both, airways as well as roadways.