5 Fun Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: Planning a trip to Leh Ladakh? Well, good for you. But beware! You may end up falling in love with the place and never want to come back to this materialistic and chaotic world. Ladakh is not only the northernmost region of India that is tough to reach, but it is also a positively disconnected area where life feels so beautiful that you start wondering if you have come to a whole different world.

As good as it seems in the pictures, Leh Ladakh has way too many things to do, places to go, and food to try. In this particular article, I have mentioned the five things to do in Leh Ladakh to make this trip a memorable one.

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Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

1. Spin the Great Mani Wheel For Prosperity

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: Buddhism is a prominent religion in Ladakh, which is the reason why the place is home to various monasteries. The prayer wheels are another significant tradition of this religion and so, in Leh, you can find this huge Mani Wheel that’s spun by passers-by and religious people in the hope of getting positive energy, salvation and prosperity in their lives.

Although the act is religion-based, it is performed by all tourists generally. However, there is no enforcement regarding the same.

2. Go Trekking

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: If you manage to go during winter, you can be part of the most fascinating trekking in Leh called the Chadar frozen river trek. At this time, the beautiful river Zanskar freezes and the lovely icy environment feels heavenly.

However, it is important to not get too mesmerized by the wonder and to keep a check on your health to avoid actually going to heaven sooner.

Some other trekking options are the Stok Kangri Trek, the gorgeous Markha Valley Trek, and the romantic Ripchar Valley Trek.

3. Raft In the Zanskar River

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: If you make it to Ladakh anytime between June and September, do not miss the rafting in Zanskar River. You will not only have a refreshing and adventurous experience but, also see the meeting point of the Indus and Zanskar Rivers.

4. Commemorate The Sacrifices of our soldiers at the Hall of Fame in Leh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: This museum has a major patriotic energy that will leave you feeling so full of respect for the soldiers who are hardly commemorated in daily lives but their contribution to the safety of the country is the reason why so many people in the country lives safely.

It’s a historical gift and yet another great place to wander around.

5. Don’t Forget to See the Maitreya Buddha

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: Located in the Nubra Valley, the tall and vast Maitreya Buddha is a part of the Diskit Monastery. The statue is said to symbolize peace, forbidding any further wars between India and Pakistan.

The Diskit Monastery is a must-visit place in Ladakh for its vibrant aesthetic and marvelous wonders like the Maitreya Buddha itself.

At The End

Things To Do In Leh Ladakh: As we come to the end of this article, I hope my readers will have a safe and joyous journey. If you like my ideas, let me know on Facebook!