Bihar Vegetarian Dishes

In India, you will find the different traditions & cultures in every state, and also you can eat another type of cuisine in them. Each state has its specialty of food. In the Northern part of India, you will find the different and tasty chaat, Chole-Bhathure, Rajma-Chawal, etc., so if you visit south India, you will have a chance to eat Dosa Idli, Sambhar, etc.

In today’s topic, we will highlight some of the best and tasty vegetarian dishes of Bihar. However, Bihar has dishes like Snacks, Regional, Sweets, Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian and traditional dishes. If you are a food lover, Bihar has lots of words for you, so let’s get straight to the topic without wasting our time.

In Bihar, Chaunk is used to give a perfect finish to dishes. Apart from Chaunk in Bihar dishes, the essential ingredient is Turmeric, and it is also ideal for our health.


This is the most famous dish in the Bihar region, which is prepared from Sponge Gourd, and after preparation, a chaunk of Green Chili and Fenugreek Seeds gives a beautiful aroma. In most of the part of Bihar, Chana Dal is also used in this dish.


This is a ubiquitous dish among all over the country. This is a straightforward and tasty recipe where you require Brinjal and potatoes. This vegetarian dish is steamed along with the chaunk of panchporan. Also as per your taste, you can add seasonal vegetables to this dish like peas, Spinach, Tomatoes, beans, etc.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is considered very healthy vegetables as it has lots of benefits which are good for our health. In Bihar, Bottle Gourd is prepared with a chaunk of Cumin Seeds along with green chili.Few people also add Chana Dal in this dish to add more taste.

Taro Root or Aravi

Taro Root or Aravi is a seasonal vegetable, and it is mainly used in this part of India. In Bihar, this vegetable is cooked in mustard oil with a chaunk of Carom Seeds (Ajwain). Coriander leaves are used to garnish this vegetable, and it tastes good while eating with parantha or chapati.

Bharva Bitter Gourd

Bharva Karela or Bharva Bitter Gourd is also the most common and tasty dish in this eastern part of India. Bitter Gourd is very beneficial for our health as it can reduce the sugar level in our body. To prepare this dish, first of all, a mixture of spices is being prepared, and in this mixture, there is salt, Red Chili, Fennel Seeds powder, and the outer layer of Bitter Gourd is also mixed in it. After that, it is cooked in Mustard oil for excellent taste.

Vegetarian Korma

If you think Korma is a non-vegetarian dish, then you may be wrong as there is Vegetarian Korma as well, and that too is very tasty as well. This vegetarian Korma is prepared from lots of vegetables. Potato, Peas, Cauliflower, Spinach, Cabbage, Capsicum, Tomatoes, and Beans, etc. It is also called panchranga Korma.

Paalak Paneer

Paalak Paneer is a ubiquitous dish in our houses. It is prepared by Spinach and Paneer. To Make Paalak paneer, first of all, the Spinach or palak needs to boil, and after that, it is ground. Then it should be steamed in Desi Ghee with cumin seeds and tomato puree. When the Spinach gets cooked, then cottage cheese or Paneer needs to be mix in it. Paalak paneer tastes well with Hot Chapaati.

Shahi Paneer

Shahi Paneer is one of the famous and delicious tastes. The main ingredients in this vegetarian dish are tomatoes and Paneer. To prepare this dish, a puree of tomatoes needs to be preparing along with cashew nuts. While preparing the Shahi Paneer dish, milk cream also plays an essential role in this dish apart from Paneer.

Many other vegetarian dishes are most famous in Bihar.

  • Kofta
  • Khesaari Saag
  • Poi Saag
  • Bathua Saag
  • Methi Saag
  • Paalak Saag
  • Chimti Saag
  • Kalmi Saag
  • Munga Saag
  • Koinar Saag
  • Golgola Saag

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