Balmiki Nagar


Balmiki Nagar is renowned for Valmiki Ashram, where Maharshi Valmiki, the Ramayan creator, spent a few years. Lord Shiva temple, built by Bettiah Raj and antiquated Shiv-Parvati temple, is also situated here. Balmiki Nagar national park and Tiger Reserve, which is a home for bunch Nature creatures. The wonderful Himalayas give the scenery to this quiet wild land.

Why It Is Important:

Valmiki Nagar of Bihar contains a Valmiki Ashram following the name of Maharishi Valmiki. It’s acknowledged he was, in the beginning, an individual that suffered his living on the items snatched from others as he was used to be named Ratnakara. But later, he was repentant and chosen to take penance. He was then blessed and also told to compile the lifetime of the Lord. A festival is kept each year within Valmiki Nagar in Bihar throughout the time of Makar Sankranti.

The river known as Gandak enhances the attractiveness of the Valmiki Nagar at Bihar. To help make the irrigation system more enhanced, a barrage on the Gandak River has been built by the federal government. There are lots of essential temples within Valmiki Nagar like old Shiva temple, the temple of Nara Devi, and the temple of Gauri Shankar. Apart from the religious importance of its, Valmiki Nagar at Bihar is additionally a lot well-known to the individuals in and also around the state because of its National Park. It was started as the 18th Tiger Reserve found India. Since 1990 it’s been among the highest tiger conserving places in India and also of the planet.

Some Interesting Facts:

It is a renowned place of interest where a dam is situated on the Gandak river. This dam is the backbone of the north-western Bihar. This channel also floods a few segments of eastern U.P. This dam is also producing hydro-power. For any visitor keen on investigating regular excellence, a visit to the woody environmental factors of Valmiki Nagar is an unquestionable requirement.

The spouting floods of Gandak break the parsimonious quiet of the Himalayan lower regions. Bhainsalotan is also well known for Valmiki Ashram, where Maharshi Valmiki, the creator of the Ramayan, is said to have spent a few years. Master Shiva sanctuary, developed by Bettiah Raj and antiquated Shiv-Parvati sanctuary, is also arranged here. Valmiki Nagar National park spread across 544sq km, which is a haven of Nature.

How to Reach:

The closest air terminal is at Patna, which is 295km far from this place. The nearest Train station Valmiki Nagar. There are transport and taxi services available from a different city of Bihar to Valmiki Nagar.

Best Time to Visit:

To visit the Valmiki Nagar, the best season is between Novembers to March.


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