Valmiki Tiger Reserve


The Valmiki National Wildlife and Park Sanctuary lie in the northwestern many West Champaran district of Bihar. The forests had been handled for timber production. In 1950 The Bihar government got the permit to control the forest administration under the Bihar Private Protected Forests Act. Later these tiger reserves got the status of Reserved Forests.

From 1994, this forest was under the administration of the state Forest Department. The territory was exposed to an enormous size of forestation with teak, shisham, and bamboo. In 1974 the Bihar State Forest Development Corporation took this entire reserve forest for rent. In 1990 Valmiki National Park was declared one of the best sanctuaries. Valmiki Tiger Reserve was established as the eighteenth hold under Project Tiger of Government of India. 

Why It Is Important: 

In India, Valmiki Tiger Reserve builds a significant boundary of the Himalayan Terai woods, and this is one of the main tiger protection in Bihar. The forest is the home of bhabar and terai fields. In the north-westernmost Champaran region of Bihar, the Valmiki Tiger Reserve situated. The name of the area has been gotten from two words Champa and Aranya significance Forest of Champa trees. 

Some Interesting Facts: 

The Valmiki Tiger Reserve is the home of much wildlife like Tiger, Sloth bear, Leopard, Wild canine, Bison, Wild pig, and so on. A few types of deer and gazelles viz yapping deer, spotted deer, hoard deer, sambar, and blue bull are also found here. In Madanpur woods square, a massive number of Indian flying foxes can be located. The Reserve has a rich avifauna decent variety. More than 250 types of fowls have been accounted for. 

How to Reach: 

The closest air terminal is Patna air terminal, around 275 Km away from the Valmiki National Park. Patna air terminal is linked with road and rail systems to Valmiki National Park. The nearest Railway station is the Valmiki Nagar rail station even Valmiki Nagar rail station is linked by highway to Valmiki National Park. Gorakhpur–Muzaffarpur rail course connects the Tiger reserve. Direct trains are accessible from urban areas of the country to arrive at the National Park. This Park also connected with Major Cities though road and highway. You will get various cabs and buses that go to Valmiki National Park.

Best Time to Visit:

Between November and March is the perfect time to visit the Valmiki National Park is because of the Good weather


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