Bihar Museum


Bihar Museum is among the renowned tourist attractions in Patna built to provide insights into Bihar’s story and inculcate a feeling of pride and respect in the hearts of the present demographic. The Museum is a recently available inclusion to the summary of attractions within the community. The primary causes for starting the Museum were creating much more room to house and display artifacts since the century-old Patna Museum is working from the office. Since there was minimal range to relocate installed objects, the choice of maintaining the emphasis on Human History was shot.

Why vital the Bihar Museum is exactly where guests can discover info about the human historical past of Bihar to a considerable level. The displays include old artifacts of artistic, historical past, artworks belonging to different insights and tribes into the history and existence of Bihar.

Bihar museum diffuses over a location of 5.6 hectares of acreage and features a complete built-up site of 24,000 square meters. The architecture has an attractive dispersed scheme of structures that comprise galleries, educational, and lobby and administrative areas. In reality, the building of the fabric is a joint endeavor by an Indian and a Japanese Firm.

Some interesting fact

• The collection of Bihar Museum includes art items (stone as well as thangkas) like miniature paintings, and bronze sculptures, anthropological artifacts, prehistoric objects, as well as cultural history objects.

• The artworks and artefacts of the museum reflects the story of early Bihar as well as Pataliputra. These are belongs to the earliest times of the 18th century.

• The continuing task at the Bihar Museum are Cataloguing and digitization which allow proper utilization, conservation, and records of all of the collections generated available to authorized personnel.

• The mission of the Museum is to continue to create and expand its collection through potential partnerships and research-based activities with local, national, and regional museums and sources.

• The Museum have developed each display collection and research or study collections but will restrict collection development if it is picky about the supplies it accesses into the groups.

The best way to reach:

Located in the center of the city, one particular can take a cab or maybe an auto-rickshaw to get there. The Museum is approximately 2.6 km coming from the Railway station as well as 6.3 km from the terminal.

The very best moment to visit:

The period from October to February is the most significant moment to go to this particular historic site.


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