Bihari Traditional Cuisines | You Must Try Eating

As we know that every Indian state has its special food and cuisines. The taste of a particular dish can be more tasteful if only we eat that dish in the state from which it became famous. If you are feeling very bored by eating the same food daily like Dal-Chawal, chapati, vegetables. Then you must try the Bihari food and we can assure you that you will love it after eating the Bihari cuisine.

Today we are going to tell you about the traditional cuisines of Bihar and after eating this food you will surely say that this is the best and tasty food. Bihar is always famous for its sweetness in language and its food.

Litti Chokha

This is the most famous and very tasty dish of Bihar. It is very impossible to talk about Bihari food without mentioning Litti Chokha. Litti Chokha is famous not only in Bihar but also in some major cities of India. Chokha is prepared from roasted eggplant, boiled tomato and potato. Also, the chokha can be prepared separately from these vegetables. On the other side, Litti is made from whole wheat and there is the stuffing of Sattu or roasted gram flour.


Not only the taste but Bihar food has healthy nutrients as well. Khichdi is a healthy food item that exists in Bihar and is loved very much by the people here. Khichdi is a mix of Rice, Dal & a few vegetables. The process of making khichdi is very simple as it is steamed together and it tastes very different and very tasty. After preparing the khichdi, just top the ghee on it and this will enhance your khichdi taste.


This dish is prepared from black gram which means kale chane. It is soaked overnight in water and after that, it needs to be sauteed in mustard oil. To give flavour to it garam masala is added to it. After that make the gravy for it as per your choice, later add proper seasoning.

Dal Pitha

This dish is the same as momos which are famous in the east and north part of India. Dal pitha can be sweet or salty. This is a semi-circular ball shaped which is made from soft rice flour and there is the stuffing of chana dal in it. Also with the chana dal, there is poppy seeds and jaggery that provide a beautiful aroma to this dish. At last, it needs to steam and it depends as you want to do it in milk or water.


Sattu is considered a healthy drink plus it can be used for preparing chapatis. Sattu is made from gram flour. This is an energy drink that can be mixed with milk or water. It is also used in Litti as stuffing and to make a regional chapati which is called as Makuni Roti.


Dhaka is another traditional dish from Bihar and it is mainly made from Rice, Chana Dal, Onion. To prepare this dish Rice and chana dal need to be soaked for 4-5 hours. After that, grind the rice and chana dal with green chilli, garlic and very little amount of water. Make sure that the batter won’t be too thick or too runny. After grinding add salt and turmeric. To prepare, take the help of a round spoon which we use to make dosa. Then release the batter in mild hot oil and fry it until it turns golden brown from each side.

Kadhi Bari

The kadhi bari is another traditional Bihari cuisine that is loved by all. This dish is prepared from gram flour and there are soft dumplings of gram flour in it which we also call pakode. There is a gravy of curd and gram flour and boils until it gets thick and smells good. It can be served with rice or chapatis.


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