Buxar Fort


In 1054 the fort was set up by King Rudra Deo. The city is known for its ancient social culture. This is where Lord Rama killed the demon Taraka. This is the place of Vishvamaitra’s Ashram. Buxar district has a tight connection with the parent locale Bhojpur and has an aged history. According to legends, in different stories like Brahamana Purana and Varah Purana, the prime importance of Buxar has been mentioned beautifully. The fight of buxar held close to this fort In 1764

Why it is Important:

Buxar Fort is one of the ancient evidence, which is located near stream Ganga in the town of Buxar. Along with the historic fort, many of the attractions close by the castle are Gauri Shankar Temple, Nath Baba Temple, and numerous others. Build by the ruler Rudra Deo in 1054 CE; the Buxar castle is situated on an artificial hill on the banks of the Ganga. Unearthings in 1926-27 along the waterway bank uncovered two seals with engravings in the early Brahmi content that go back to the third and fourth century CE, demonstrating that the hill is ancient.

Some interesting facts:

This is the most ancient fort in Patna, Bihar. Even though the fort itself goes back to AD 1054, archeological unearthings developed in 1926, and 1927 uncovered Brahmi illustrations, indicating that the zone was occupied in as far back as third century AD. Regardless of whether you don’t discover a lot to see here, you can see many people sitting near the Ganga river. The individuals to keep an eye out for or head to the waterway bank for some casual minutes is a perfect picture.

How to reach:

Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport, Patna, which is 119 km away from Buxar, is the nearest. From this airport, you will get regular flights for many urban cities. It is very much connected with different urban significant towns of India by railroad. Numerous trains connect Buxar with many cities like Mumbai, Howrah, New Delhi, and Ahmadabad. Buxar is nicely linked with different vital urban regions by the road and High way. It is 952 km from Delhi, 633 km from Kolkata 52 Kms from Ghazipur, 462 km from Kanpur, 132 Kms from Varanasi, 409 Kms from Lucknow, and 119 km from Patna

Best Time to visit:

Whenever you can visit but during winter, it will be ideal for visiting this astounding spot.


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