Golghar Patna


Golghar is another beautiful traveling attraction in Bihar. Integrated 1786, it served as a famous storehouse to fight the issue of food shortage. Ctually AGolghar is a famous granary in Patna. The primary objective was storing significant quantities of grains. The monument is an enormous tourist attraction owing to its gorgeous natural environment & a tranquil ambiance. After a severe famine, the British Governor and official of India, Warren Hastings, purchased because of the building of Golghar. This particular building had a capacity of keeping 1, 40,000 tons of food. Climbing atop Golghar provides a mesmerizing view of the Holy Ganges.

Exactly why is it Famous?

Golghar wasn’t built to deliver the goal of tourism. It was created as a granary where a significant quantity of food could be saved. A capacity was had by it to hold back one, forty, zero tons of food. It was more than enough to feed the public of the whole region, which includes the animals as well as birds.

It’s a structure that stands without the assistance of any pillar. The food stacks have been dropped in the granary with the storage.

Interesting facts

John Garstin, an architect and engineer of the East India Company had created this. It’s a combination of both natural beauty and history. It’s among the most prominent tourist place among folks.

The upper part of Golghar presents a lovely scenic view of Patna and the river Ganges. It’s encircled with 145 stairs, which will get you right around the pinnacle from wherever the eyes of yours can get the magnificent panoramic view of the Patna.

The structure has a level of twenty-nine m plus the width is 3.6 m. To impede the passage of the employees that loaded as well as uploaded the grains in the storehouse the staircase on the Golghar was created.

A sound and light show has been released recently to boost guests and provide tourists with historical knowledge of the construction.

The best way to reach:

The Golghar is easy to access from Patna via Rail, Air, and Road. It is approximately three km from Patna Junction Railway Station, and nearly eleven km from Phulwari Sharif Railway Station and also the nearest airport is Patna Airport “Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport” is all about only eight KM away.

Best Time to Visit

There’s no particular time to go to Golghar in Bihar. This place welcomes visitors throughout the entire year. Consequently, every season is suitable for visiting this incredible tourist site—some interesting facts associated with this building.


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