Maner Sharif


It is a historic old town, established in the Danapur Sub-division. In the early periods, Maner was a focal spot of education, grammarian Panini, and Bararuchi lived and concentrated here. In Maner has two famous Mohammedan funeral places, that of Shah Daulat or Makhdum Daulat, recognized as Chhoti Dargah. The other one Sheik Yahia Maneri or known as Bari Dargah.

A famous person Makhdum Daulat expired at Maner in 1608, and Ibrahim Khan, Governor of Bihar, and one of the holy person’s grave also located at this place. The structure is an incredibly fine one, with dividers containing carvings of extraordinary delicacy and high completion. An incredible tomb crowns it, and the roof is secured with cut engravings from the Quran. It is one of the best memorials of the Mughals in India. Inside of the Maner Sharif, there is a mosque also created by Ibrahim Khan. The burial chamber of Yahia Maneri rests in mosque walls and ghats, and pillared yards were stretching out into it, which is linked with the old border of the River Sone.

Why It Is Important:

The tomb of Yahia Maneri is based on a mosque wall space and ghats, along with pillared porticos jutting away into it that is hooked up with the existing foundation on the River Sone by a tunnel 400 ft long. The tombs are referred to Bari Dargah which is the wonderful shrine as well as Chhoti Dargah (the tiny shrine). Maner is noted for its exclusively prepared laddu. The area vendors claim the the laddus are made using the sugar sweet waters on the Sone river.

Some Interesting Facts:

The construction at Maner Sharif is a grand one. The dividers of the structure are decorated with multifaceted plans. There is an upper arch on the top, and the roof is brimming with illustrations defined from the Qur’an. Inside the Maner Sharif, you will see a mosque that was also formed by Ibrahim Khan. Maner Sharif was known for the leading site of knowledge and information. Maner is also renowned for its sweet laddu made with genuine ghee. It is well known that the underwater is as delicious as sugar. When the last blending is finished with boondi, the underground water looks as clean as glass. Sugar to deliver it cleared and pure.

How to Reach:

Nearest City is Patna city, from Patna city you will get a taxi or bus. From Maner Bus Stop, you will get buses, and the nearest Airport Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport and Railway Station Bihta Railway station.

Best Time to Visit:

October till April is ideal for visiting this spot.


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