Thawe Temple


Bhaktas lovers revere her by many names in many shapes; Maa Thawewali is one of them. There are 52 “Shatipithas” in all over India; this is also similar to a Shatipithas. The location of this template is at Thawe, Gopalganj District, Bihar. Maa has another name i.e., “Singhasini Devi,” “Rahshu Bhawani.” Thawewali Maa has caring hearted and always takes care of her devotee children. Nobody has come with next to nothing from the Maata temple. Maa spread love the devotions of her each devotee. In the morning in the time, between 5:00 and 7:00 am. At 7:00 pm, followers pay love to Maa with “Laddo,” “Peda,” “Narial,” and “Chunari.” 

Why it is Important: 

Two days in a week, every Monday and Friday, are important for prayer to Maa. Nowadays, flowers gathering and love, to Maa in a considerable way, are widespread. The unique Mela is arranged every year multiple times.

It mostly organized in “Chaitra,” i.e., March and “Ashvin,” i.e., October, another big occasion of “Navratri.” Maa has given every single one of her devotees what they have the right to get. Maa never expects any expensive gifts from her all devotees. She is satisfied with any good things. Maa wants emptiness of her followers, besides just anything alike devotion (Bhakti), immaculateness (Pavitrata), and worship. Her enormity and supernatural occurrences are just next to impossible to explain; it is a priceless meet, who needs to realize it in their own Shardha and Bhakti. 

Some Interesting Facts: 

This is an old temple devoted to Goddess Durga. The temple is known as Thawewali Maa Mandir, located in the Thawe area, Bihar. It is believed that “Thawe Wali Mata” satisfies the wishes of her supporters. This temple is very much famous for its superb collection of unique trees. The tree has risen like the trial. Different legends are pervasive regarding the icon and the tree. 

How to Reach: 

The nearest airport is Sabeya. From here, tourists can visit there by the street. Thawe is a railway junction station of the Siwan-Gorakhpur circle line. From District town, there is the following way from Arar More. Anyone can reach here from the Siwan area. 

Best Time Visit: 

Best time to visit between March – April. That Mela organized here every year with a long duration of Chaitra (March – April). If you think to visit this temple definitely visit between March – April.


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