Top 5 Spots to Explore in Madhya Pradesh

Spots to explore in Madhya Pradesh: Known as the “Heart of India,” Madhya Pradesh occupies a strategically important position that divides the nation into its north and south. Its varied topography stretches from the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges to the lowlands of the Narmada and Tapti rivers. The state has a rich historical legacy, with its many old temples, palaces, forts, and archaeological sites.

It’s a wildlife and nature lover’s heaven with its national parks, wildlife refuges, verdant forests, waterfalls, rivers, and breathtaking highlands. Furthermore, Madhya Pradesh provides a fantastic culinary experience, ranging from the fiery street food of Indore to Malwa cuisine and local specialities like Bhutto ka kees, poha, and dal baffle.

Madhya Pradesh has a wide range of tourist attractions and welcomes visitors of all stripes. This state offers an amazing experience whether you’re looking for safari excursions, rich cultural experiences, tranquil natural beauty, or historical riches.

Spots to Explore in Madhya Pradesh: An Overview

1. Kanha National Park

spots to explore in madhya pradesh: Kanha National Park
Kanha National Park, Source: Google

Kanha National Park is a captivating wilderness that enthrals visitors with its wide variety of wildlife and breathtaking scenery. It is a well-liked wildlife destination in Madhya Pradesh because it is one of the biggest and most well-known tiger sanctuaries in all of India. Covering an area of about 940 square kilometres, Kanha is home to many different species, such as sloth bears, Indian wild dogs, tigers, Indian leopards, Indian gaurs, and the iconic barasingha. The park was essential to the preservation of the barasingha, or endangered swamp deer.

Madhya Pradesh’s greatest attraction is Kanha National Park, which honours the diversity and richness of India’s wildlife. Kanha’s breathtaking vistas, healthy tiger population, and exceptional biodiversity are likely to astound you whether you’re a nature lover, wildlife photographer, or just looking for an immersive wildlife experience.

2. Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh National Park
Bandhavgarh National Park, Source: Google

A well-known wildlife attraction in Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh National Park is well-known for its abundant wildlife, vast forests, and historical significance. It is one of the nation’s most well-known tiger reserves.

Elephant and jeep safaris provide visitors to the park with a variety of viewpoints on the surrounding animals. Particularly popular are Jeep safaris, which enable visitors to explore the park’s central areas and so increase the likelihood of seeing wildlife. Accompanying the safaris are knowledgeable guides who provide a responsible and secure experience while sharing insights on the park’s fauna.

3. Khajuraho

Khajuraho, Source: Pexels

A popular tourist site, Khajuraho is well-known for its amazing array of Hindu and Jain temples. These temples are among the best examples of Indian temple art and architecture because of their magnificent architectural design and fine craftsmanship. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they are important to Madhya Pradesh’s tourism industry.

Over a 20-kilometer region, the temples are grouped into three main groups: the Western Group, the Eastern Group, and the Southern Group. The most significant temples are located in the Western Group, which is very well-liked. In Khajuraho, lodging options vary from luxurious five-star hotels and all-inclusive resorts to affordable guesthouses. The town is a popular tourist attraction since it has a wide range of eateries, stores, and markets that offer a window into the way of life in the area.

4. Gwalior

Gwalior, Source: Pexels

The ancient city of Gwalior is well-known for its striking forts, exquisite palaces, and rich cultural legacy. These are a few of the well-liked tourist spots in Gwalior:

1. Gwalior Fort: Gibraltar of India, Gwalior Fort is a massive fort atop a cliff that provides an amazing perspective of the entire city.
2. Jai Vilas Palace and Museum: Explore the extensive collection of artifacts on display at the Jai Vilas Palace and Museum, which includes paintings, weapons, crystal chandeliers, and ancient furniture.

3. Sas Bahu Temples: Known by locals as the Sas Bahu Temples, the Sahastrabahu Temples are a collection of highly detailed Hindu temples that date back to the ninth century.
4. Tansen’s Tomb: Visit the tomb of Tansen, a renowned musician in Indian history and one of Emperor Akbar’s court’s nine jewels.
5. Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum: Explore a wide range of artifacts that highlight the rich cultural past of the area at the Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum.

5. Orchha

The little town of Orchha is well-known for its historical significance, magnificent palaces, and elaborately carved temples. It is situated in the Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. It is currently one of Madhya Pradesh’s most visited tourist attractions.

  1. Orchha Fort: The town’s major draw is the Orchha Fort complex, which consists of gardens, palaces, and temples with exquisite architectural designs.
  2. Chaturbhuj Temple: Dedicated to Lord Ram, this temple is well-known for its exquisitely detailed carvings and magnificent architecture.
  3. Ram Raja Temple: The Ram Raja Temple is special because it is the only location in India where Lord Rama is revered as a monarch.
  4. Rai Praveen Mahal: Renowned for her beauty and skill, Rai Praveen was a courtesan and poetess who commissioned this enchanting house.

Wrapping Up

Madhya Pradesh is a must-see tourist spot. With this list of top 5 spots to explore in Madhya Pradesh, you are sure to enjoy your next trip to this beautiful place. If you liked reading this article, then let us know on Facebook. You might also like to read more travelling articles on Digital Gabbar like this one: Trip To Kasol: 5 Must-Visit Places For Best Experience