Trip to Goa: Don’t Miss These 7 Wonderful Itineraries

Are you planning a trip to Goa? It may look tiny on the map, but the place is full of wonders. From golden beaches to enchanting architectural heritage sites, Goa has it all. However, whenever you place for a trip, it is best to plan ahead of departure and research well for the sake of security, hygiene, and FOMO.

I always suggest my readers give YouTube this opportunity to help them SEE how their destination is, and what are the issues tourists have on ground-level. But, apparently, excitement can make you a little too haste in keeping your patience for those lengthy vlogs of other people living life, which is why I did your assignment and found the most unique and fun places that you may not miss on your trip to Goa.

This article comprises an overall of seven great spots to cover in Goa. These destinations are not only found in North Goa but South as well.

So, What’s Up With North and South Goa?

Here’s what the difference is… North Goa is where most itineraries and tourist attractions are found, and South Goa is mostly residential. However, both the areas are super pretty and full of natural beauty. So, let’s get going!

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

1. Fort Aguada

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

To avoid FOMO on your trip to Goa, you must visit this 17th-century Portuguese fort that gives a mesmerizing view of the confluence of the Mandovi River and the Arabian Sea.

The place holds good architectural and historical value. The Aguada Fort is located in North Goa. Usually, the place is crowded, but it’s still worth witnessing the picturesque landscape of Goa.

2. Candolim Beach

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

The next destination after Aguada Fort should be Candolim Beach. This is a must-visit on the trip to Goa. It stretches from Aguada Fort to Chapora Beach.

Whether you like to stare at the comforting waves in quietness or do watersports and adventure, Candolim Beach is an awesome spot for you! You can do parasailing, banana boating, water skiing, and even scuba diving here; you can also chill at this beach; its serene vibe will calm your mind and make you feel the refreshment that we are always looking for in the fast-running and chaotic world.

3. Cola Beach

7 Must Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa 2

On your trip to Goa, you may not know, but you can actually do kayaking in this teeny tiny tropical area. If you like kayaking, you should definitely go to Cola Beach in South Goa. The arduous road to Cola Beach has made it a hidden gem. The serene, clean, and pristine beach is just the right place to escape the chaos of the city. 

4. Grand Island

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

Goa is full of beaches, but here’s why you should not miss the Grand Island and its magnificent beaches on your trip to Goa: it is the best place for dolphin spotting as well as scuba diving. Moreover, you can also do adventurous watersports here.

The rich marine life and lush, tall tropical greenery are surreal with the sunset. Therefore, it’s a must-visit.

Anjuna Market

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

Open on Wednesday only; you must go to this flea market to shop and collect souvenirs. You can find vibrant options with detailed craftsmanship in this market full of art and artists. There is vintage home decor, boho jewellery, fashion items, clothes, piercings, tattoos, and more to explore here. 

Basilica of Bom Jesus

7 Must-Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Monuments, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, is an ancient church where the mortal remains of the patron saint of Goa, St. Francis Xavier, are found. Its historical value and classic architecture make it a prestigious site to visit in Goa.

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Dudhsagar Falls

7 Must Visit Places On Your Trip to Goa 6

Located in the Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dudhsagar Falls is a natural beauty found in Goa. It is another unique spot to visit if you are fond of waterbodies accompanied by dense greenery. The place is difficult to reach, but it is surely worth the struggle!

These were the 7 must-visit places on your trip to Goa. If you like my content, let me know on Facebook.