VikramShila Ruins, Bhagalpur


Situated at a distance of 50 km from Bhagalpur District of Bihar, Vikramshila was an important institution for Buddhism in the nation during the rule of the Pala Dynasty. VikramShila University was one of the most significant Buddhist learning habitats of old India during the Pala tradition. It had an equivalent balance alongside Nalanda University in the space of Buddhist learning. VikramShila was built up by King Dharmapala when he felt a decrease like learning at Nalanda. The remains of the antiquated college are a sight of wonder. It is a large square religious community with a stupa in the middle, a library building, and a group of stupas. A Tibetan and a Hindu stupa have additionally been discovered.

Why it is essential:

It is known as one of the most important centers of Buddhist education time of the Pala kingdom. VikramShila was the largest Buddhist institutes. The excavated relics of the community consist of a university flanked by hundred eight temples, a life-size message of Bodh Gaya’s sacred’ Mahabodhi Tree’ (Fig tree) and also the primary Stupa (temple) which was utilized as a website for deep breathing by the monks. It produced many intelligent researchers, and they spread Buddhist education, culture, and spirituality.

Some Interesting Facts:

In the 8th century, king Dharmapala established the university. The Vikramshila University is situated at a distance of thirty-eight km from the city and also serves as a center for understanding for Tantric Buddhism. It is one of the two main and centers for Buddhist learning in the Magadha and Bengal region, another being the popular Nalanda. Excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India led to the revelation of a big monastery, a library, and a stupa apart from other smaller stupas. The monastery was once inhabitants of the Buddhist monks and also scholars and had around 208 cells.

The university is encompassed by the confluence of the waterways Ganga and Kosi along with hundred eight temples. Temples devoted to Lord Shiva as well as Maa Kali and the popular rock-cut caves are contained in its environs. The university was a highly recommended pilgrimage center in old times. The Vikramshila University is a repository of numerous Tibetan texts and is connected with theology.

How to Reach:

Patna would be the closest air terminal at around 291 km. The nearest railroad station would be Khalgaon. It is about 390 km from Motihari, 282 km from Gaya, 309 km from Bodhgaya, 246 km from Biharsharif, and 310 km from Muzaffarpur.

Best Time to visit:

The best ideal opportunity to visit Bihar is from October to March.


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