Vishnupad Mandir


Vishnupad Mandir is known for the 40-cm-long footprint of Lord Vishnu on a basalt rock. Supposedly, Lord Vishnu executed devil Gayasur at this spot by stepping his foot on his chest. Vishnupada Mandir is an old temple in Gaya, India. It’s a Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu. This temple is situated across the Falgu River, marked by an impact of Lord Vishnu identified as Dharmasila, incised right into a block of basalt.

Why Important

The temple is situated on the banks of Falgu stream and draws fans from every corner of the world. Visitors can see that there are many other temple of Lord Narasimha and Lord Shiva in the symbol of Phalgwisvara. These sanctuaries are huge spots of Hindu love.

Inside the temple, visitors can see the 40 cm long impression of Lord Vishnu engraved on a sharp stone. As indicated by Hindu folklore, this impression denotes Vishnu’s demonstration obliterating the domain of a devil called Gayasur by putting his foot on an evil presence’s head. Those keen on respecting the unusual top perspective on the temple can mount 1000 stone advances, prompting the Brahmajuni Hill’s highest point, only a kilometer southwest of the temple. From on the hill guests can enjoy some superb perspectives on the Vishnupad Temple.

Some interesting fact

Vishnupad temple is known for the forty cm long footprint, getting 9 symbols including Gadham, Chakram, and Shankam. These are said to represent the weapons of Lord Vishnu. Vishnupad, also called Dharmasila, is engraved on a strong stone and is confined by a silver basin.

Temple is situated beside Phalgu river which making it more attractive. Temple is 30 meters in tallness and has eight emblazoned columns that help the structure. The place of worship is worked in octagonal shape and faces towards the east. A fifty-one kgs golden flag stands on the roof of the temple. Akshayabat, The immortal Banyan tree, is the location within just where all of the ultimate rituals on the departed souls happen.

Best Time to Visit

Vishnupad Temple is a popular Hindu temple and individuals visit here every day. Thus, daily is viewed as sacred for going to Vishnupad Temple.

Coming to There

Gaya city is all around associated with the significant interstates, railroads, and aviation routes. Individuals can reach Gaya by roadways transports, express trains, and flights. Going inside, Gaya is finished by the neighborhood transports.


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