Bihar Appetizers

The state of Bihar has a rich cultural heritage. This state is famous for its handicrafts, Madhubani paintings, folk dance and food. In every part of Bihar, you will be able to eat various types of delicious dishes. This is the beauty of Bihar that you will discover new tastes in every dish which is prepared here. Bihar food has everything like traditional food, regional food, cuisines etc. In today’s article, we will try to inform you about the Bihari Appetisers.

Normally few Bihari Appetisers are the same like they are available in another part of India but the taste and making process separate it different from any other part of India. These Bihari Appetisers are very tasty in dishes and there are few ingredients in them which are good for our health too.


This is the most popular Bihari appetizer. Chaat is also famous in the northern part of India but in this state, the taste of Chaat becomes tastier and here is a unique method to prepare this evening time dish. Chaat is a nice evening time snack to cater for your evening time craving. There are various types of chaat being prepared in Bihar.

  • Aloo Chaat
  • Aloo Tikki
  • Dahi-Bhalla or Bhalla
  • Ragda Patties which is also called Aloo Tikki Chaat
  • Dahi-Puri
  • Dahi-Vada
  • Jhal-Muri
  • Chana Chaat
  • Ram Ladoo
  • Dal ki Chaat


There are various names of this appetiser as Gol-Gappe, Puchka, Gup-Shup, Pani-Puri, Pani ke Batashe. The main ingredient in this dish is flavoured water. There is a round-shaped ball which shallow fry in the oil so it becomes more crispy and then it filled with the water of Imli and it also includes Tamarind Chutney, Chilli Powder, Mashed Potato, Sliced Onion, Chickpeas and a pinch of chaat masala.

Jhal Murhi

Jhal Muri is a most popular street snack which is made of Puffed Rice with Sliced vegetables, Chickpea, Peanuts, Namkeen and a few drops of mustard oil. This is also called the best evening snack which also feels your tummy for the moment without harming your health. Not only in Bihar this is also famous in West Bengal.

Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada is not only famous in Bihar but it is also very popular in South Asia. To make Dahi Vada first of all the White Urad Lentils need to be soaked overnight and then in the next morning grind into a better to make Vada which is required to fry in hot oil. After that curd needs to be beaten and then fried vada is soaked in the thick beaten curd for a while. Then at the time of serving Dahi Vada it needs to be topped with Chilli Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Chaat Masala, Cumin Powder, Green Chilli, Boondi, Pieces of Pomegranate.


When we think about rain then Hot & Crispy Pakora always remains in our mind. The Pakora which is also called fritters, Pakoda, Pakodi, Bhajiya etc. There are various types of Pakora like Onion, Potato, Cauliflower, Spinach, Paneer, Eggplant etc. The most common ingredients in Fritters are Gram Flour. To make pakora, a batter is prepared of Gram Flour and water that also includes salt, red chilli powder, fenugreek, green chilli and coriander. It is served with Coriander and mint chutney.


This is a deep-fried snack and is mostly served with Aloo ki Sabzi. In the northern part of India, it is a very famous dish and most people consume it for their breakfast. This is also famous in the eastern part of India, Bihar. The main ingredient in Kachori or Kachuari is Moong or Urad ki daal, Gram Flour, Salt, Black pepper, Red Chilli Powder. You will also find sweet kachori in Bihar


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