Bihar Breads

Bihar which is situated in the eastern part of India. This state has various types of food and every dish which is prepared here is unique from the other one. Mainly the Cuisines of Bihar is similar like the cuisines of East India & the Northern part of the country. If you ever visit Bihar or any food festival of Bihar then you will discover that in the dishes of Bihar they mostly use the grains & seasonal vegetables. In today’s article we will be focusing on the Breads which are most popular in this state.

Breads are most important part of Bihar Cuisines. It is true that this state has lots of dishes but when you talk about main food then it is incomplete without Bread.

In Bihar, there are several types of bread which is most popular and today we are going to inform you about the same. In this eastern state of India you will get a chance to eat lots of bread which are filled with various fillings like Aloo Paratha, Pyaaz Paratha, Sattu Paratha etc. Let’s start to explore these yummy breads of Bihar.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is most famous and favorite bread across India. In the northern part of India it is consumed in Breakfast. Basically this dish is originated from the Punjab state of India but now it is famous in most part of India. This Aloo paratha is also very famous in this eastern part of country.

Aloo paratha is made of wheat flour and the filling of mashed potato filled in it. This yummy breakfast dish is prepared from freshly knead dough. To prepare Aloo paratha a piece of knead dough is taken and then mashed potato needs to be filled in it. For potato filling you can add salt, chilli, Fennel as per the taste. After filling the potato into dough then roll it and then cook it on a hot tawa with Ghee or butter as per your choice. The Aloo paratha is best served with Butter, Pickle and Chutney.

Sattu Paratha

Sattu Paratha is most famous bread in Bihar. It is very good for our health and it is prepared from brown chickpea. To make sattu flour first of all chickpea needs to be roasted and then a powder prepared from it. Sattu flour makes paranthe very tasty and crispy. To make Sattu paratha more tasty you can add onion, Green Chilli, Lemon, Ginger, Garlic and coriander leaves. While making dough for sattu paranthe Mix Ghee and salt in Wheat Flour. Add Onion, Sattu Flour, Coriander Leaves, Green Chilli, Ginger, Garlic, Amchoor Powder, Lemon Juice & Ajwain in a bowl and then mix it properly.

Now take a dough ball from wheat flour then put a part of Sattu Flour stuffing in it and then rolled it. Cook Paratha on hot tawa with Oil, Ghee or Butter until there are few golden spots on it. Enjoy the Sattu Paratha with Chutney, Pickle or Curd.

Pyaaz or Onion Paratha

Apart from Aloo (Potato) & Sattu Paratha, Onion paratha is also very favorite bread in the Bihar. It is quite similar like Aloo & Sattu paratha. In this paratha the filling of onion are filled. To make Onion paratha the Onion needs to be chopped into very small pieces and then a filling needs to be prepare. For the filling add Chopped Onion, Green chili, Coriander Leaves, Red Chili, Pinch of Hing. Now prepare dough of Wheat floured and then take a dough ball and fill the onion filling in it.

After that cover the dough ball and rolled it. Put a Tawa on the gas and when you feel that Tawa is hot then put the paratha on tawa. Cook paratha with Ghee or butter until you will realize that it has been completely prepared. The Onion paratha is best served with curd & Butter.

Other main breads which are famous in Bihar are:

  • Posta Dana Paratha
  • Dal Puri
  • Phuka
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Makuni
  • Makai Ki Roti
  • Naan

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