Rajgir Bihar


The city of Rajgir was the very first capital on the kingdom of Magadha, and expression that would eventually evolve straight into the Mauryan Empire. The town got holy to the fanatics of Jainism and Buddhism; Gautama Buddha performed many wonders there, like he had spoken a percentage of his most acclaimed messages there.

The Buddha made a few visits to this city and remained here for a significant time to propagate the doctrine of his. Jain texts, say that their final apostle, Mahavira, surpassed fourteen rainy seasons in Nalanda and Rajgir. After Buddha’s passing, his pupils held the first Buddhist Council of theirs within the cavern of Saptparni. It is said that Muni Suvrata, a predecessor of Lord Mahavira of the Ajivika sect was born in this place.

The reasons of importance:

Rajgir is known for its warm water springs, locally referred to as Brahmakund, a sacred spot for Hindus where water from 7 various springs (Saptarshi) merge, and it is essential because of its healing effects. Rajgir entices the interest of tourists from all around the world.

Rocky hillocks envelop the location and also is positioned in a valley. Furthermore, the peaceful ambiance of this particular location is going to refresh your soul and mind. It’s also a house to different Jain and Hindu temples. Not merely this, its water ponds that are deemed to have therapeutic properties assisting in the healing of scores of skin ailments.

Some interesting realities:

A beautiful city placed inside the Nalanda District, Rajgir, allures the guests from all around the planet. Rocky hillocks envelop the place along with is situated in a valley. Moreover, the tranquil ambiance of this specific location will refresh your mind and soul. It is the location where Gautam Buddha is believed to have provided several sermons, along with Lord Mahavir, that had resided here for a while. One should also look at Buddhist monks meditating of a site called Vultures Peak.

The way to Reach:

Probably the most nearby terminal is Patna. From Patna terminal, you can go all over India like Mumbai, Calcutta, Varanasi, Delhi, and Lucknow. Through the Eastern Railway Rajgiri links with India. There are lots of road transports available from lots of cities to Rajgir.

The very best moment to visit:

Between Aprils to July are humid, not ideal for traveling. Winters are cold with the Average nighttime heat at approximately 11°C. Generally, this time is the very best for a visit.


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