Kakolat Waterfall


On the boundary between Jharkhand and Bihar, in a distance of thirty-three Kms from Nawada, the gorgeous Kakolat waterfall can be found.

As per early misconceptions, a Hindu spiritualist cursed a Treta Yug King to get the kind of a python as well as dwell right here close to the falls. At the time of banishment of theirs, the Pandavas arrived here to visit the falls. The cursed obtained lifted from the king during this particular time. He declared that virtually any human being who’ll have the next dip in the waters on the waterfall wouldn’t be born as a snake again.

With time, this particular waterfall has acquired much recognition and turned into a well-liked tourist home. During the hot months, lots of people occur here for picnics. A few exciting water sports are performed in the waterfall.

Close on the authorities’ station of Govindpur, and at a distance of thirty-three Kms from Nawada, this particular waterfall is situated. An all-natural reservoir of water occurs at the bottom part of the falls. A giant plush eco-friendly forest encircles the hill that forms a breathtaking perspective.

Why Important:

Kakolat Waterfall is a pleasant cascade in Nawada locale, well known with travelers because of its grand environmental factors. Old stories recommend that Krishna used to go there with his sovereigns for taking bath. This is perhaps the best cascade in India. The fall is approximately 150 to 160 feet, from the soil level.

A few exciting facts:

To be able to experience the splendid and breathtaking beauty of the dynamics, many individuals from Bihar, along with other American states, come here, therefore, which makes it the most famous place of Bihar. From the Kakolat Hills, one could experience the dropping of the Kakolat Falls. Rich green woodlands encircle the hills.

Kakolat waterfall is the best place to go to for individuals who enjoy nature and like with cheaper luxurious facilities. Kakolat waterfall is an exceptionally tremendous and beautiful waterfall and far from the busiest city life of ours.

The best moment to visit:

This location is better visited after monsoon then immediately after the stable winters are gone. The immense natural splendor of this particular location makes it a great favorite of nature enthusiasts.

The way to go:

The easiest way to obtain from Patna to Kakolat Falls without having an automobile is training what shoots 6h 11m as well as will cost you ₹115 – ₹130.


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