Kesaria Stupa


In the East Champaran, you will find Kesaria, which is identified to be the largest stupa. Consequently, it is a well-known part of India where you will find many old Indian figures; also, this is one of the best places for history lovers. It is known that the Mauryan King Ashoka builds this. According to stories, during the third century Kesaria Stupa goes back to the period of the Gupta. K Muhammad unveiled it. Stupa’s site has some valid significance. Prior, it was considered by local people to be the site of an old Shiva temple. This place is known as the home of God.

Why it is Important:

Aside from finding out about the fantastic stupa of Kesaria, you can also investigate its Environmental factors. There are a few spots near Kesaria, which may amaze you with their magnificent wonders and beautiful glory. A camera is an unquestionable requirement to bring frill if you are arranging a visit to these appealing spots and anticipating catching the best of Bihar. The must-visit vacation destinations close Kesaria incorporate Sitamarhi, the origin of Goddess Sita, Patna, the place where there are old structures, and Muzaffarpur, of lychee gardens. Anyway, when Bihar has such a significant amount to offer its guests, why not allow it to invite yourself in this place.

Some Interesting Facts:

The location where this particular stupa stands today is thought to be the very same spot in which Lord Buddha granted his begging bowl on the dwellers of Vaishali, subsequent to being every night at Kessaputta, the consequently Kesariya. This legend in addition to the archaeological excavation by the Archaeological. The Survey of India tends to make this particular place among likely most respected places within the Bodh Circuit.

How to Reach:

The closest air terminal from Kesaria is at Patna, which is around 120 km away. It will require 3 hr to arrive at your goal from Patna air terminal. You can either book a taxi or catch a mode of transport to Kesaria. To visit Kesaria, you will not get any direct train. The nearest train station is the Chakia railroad station, which is around 20 km away. Also, Patna is a famous city and has a rail station just as you can get a direct train to Patna from any significant town in the nation.

Best Time to visit:

The area around Kesaria encounters a sweltering atmosphere throughout the mid-year season. Thus, the ideal time to visit Kesaria is from October until the finish of March. Also, Kesaria Stupa stays full with native vacationers and history lovers consistently.


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