Mangla Gauri Temple


Committed to Goddess Shakti or perhaps Sati, the Mangla Gauri Temple is possessed by the fifteenth century. Broadly revered in the region, Goddess Mangla Gauri is considered the god of benevolence. The temple can also be appreciated as it’s among the eighteen mahashaktipeeths (blessed places of worship in which the body portions of Goddess Sati fell), and furthermore remains on the Manglagauri Hill. During the monsoon days, on each Tuesday, an interesting worship function is led. Vermilion, henna and kohl are put on to the god, and that will be set on a wooden board. Organic products, desserts and decorations are set before the icon or possibly picture after which the petitions start.

Legend has said that after Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana chakra destroyed goddess Shakti’s body, her breasts fell beneath. From next on, Goddess Mangla is worshipped in the kind of breast sign meaning sustenance.

It’s Important:

Other than Monasteries and Buddha sculptures, there are a few Hindu temples in Gaya that are of prime religious significance. Mangla Gauri Temple, is one of the renowned Shakti Peethas in India which committed to Goddess Shakti. As indicated by Hindu folklore, Devi Sati’s breasts fell at where the temple stands now. The sanctum of the temple includes the image of the goddess and has some perfectly cut figures. Along this you will find many easy shrines which are devoted to Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga as well as Dakshina Kali. Hindus from all over go to here to take the ¬†blessings of this goddess.

Some Interesting Facts:

Based on the story stated in the 49th chapter of Kashi Khand, The eighth day of Vasantik Navratri is focused on the eighth type of Goddess Gauri that’s Goddess Bhavani Gauri. According to a legend discussed in Kashi Khand, after Surya Dev established an idol and a Shivlinga of Goddess Gauri at Panchnad Teerth (Panchganga Ghat) and performed strenuous penance. Also, he established himself along with Goddess Gauri (a kind of Goddess Parvati) being a boon to Surya Dev.

The best way to Reach:

The closest airport is the Gaya Airport that is nine km out of the temple. Gaya Junction may be the nearest Railway Station is at a distance of 4.3 km out of the temple. Buses, taxis along with other nearby transport amenities are offered to attain the temple.

Best Time to Visit:

Mangala Gauri is among the nine Gauri’s that are worshipped in Navratri dropping in March April (nine days preceding Ram Navami).


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