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The Patna Museum was built in 1917 and started on three April of the same year throughout the British rule to home the historic artifacts created in Patna. The rich collection of the museum will take you to yesteryear to reminisce of Indian heritage and glory—these incorporate Indian objects from the old, middle Ages, as well as the British colonial era.

Why important:

Patna Museum is one of the most favored museums in the city. Among the rich collection of the museum it has 50,000 uncommon art objects, including Indian artifacts from the old, middle ages, and the British colonial era. The gorgeous sculpture, Yakshani, as well as The Holy Relic Casket, with the sacred ashes of Lord Buddha are the main tourist attractions of the museum. When you are in Patna must-visit this place to experience the historical culture. The rich collection of the museum will take you to past of Indian heritage and glory.

Some intriguing fact:

  • Among the museum’s prized property is an exceptional collection of British period paintings depicting the daily life of the Indians on the era.
  • Patna Museum contains a vast assortment of different artifact which had been collected by the British
  • The coins are included by the artifacts, paintings, textiles, musical tools, terracotta toys, a cannon utilized during World War one, utensils, British paintings, moreover, a lot more.
  • Aside from the excavations, the museum, also tells about probably the earliest human inhabitance in
  • Patna and its nearby cities. The ASI began this specific segment.
  • A fossil on the tree is shown in the gallery. It is said to become 200 million yrs old.
  • The various other artifacts that date between the 10th 14th centuries are shown here as well.

The best way to achieve

The Patna Museum, situated with a strategic place, is readily available from every community component. This museum is simply a 2.2 km drive from Patna Railway Station. People can hire Cabs and auto rickshaws to reach the museum. The closest terminal is Jay Prakash Narayan Airport (Patna terminal).

Best Time to Visit

Patna Museum is a famous museum in the Patna community. It welcomes visitors throughout the entire year. History lovers, pupils, and visitors, etc. flock to this particular museum frequently. The entry for this museum is paid out for all visitors. It remains close to all government holidays as well as national festivals.


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