Pitrapaksha Mela

History of Pitrapaksha Mela

The starting point of Pitrapaksha Mela can be followed back to as old as the hour of Buddha. It is said that he was the first to offer Pinda Daan in Gaya. Nonetheless, there are different legends too which have a profound association with Pitrapaksha Mela.

According to the Hindu folklore, an evil spirit or Asura, named Gaya, turned out to be amazing to such an extent that even devs began to feel threatened by him. Seeing him as a powerful danger, they chose to murder him.

The devs prevailing about devastating him yet Gaya had one final wish – he needed to be let go in the holiest city on earth. That city is currently called Gaya. The Pitrapaksha Mela is held each year to commend ceremonies on these lines as it were.


In Gaya, the blessed city of Bihar, Pitrapaksha Mela or Pitra Paksha Mela is a yearly occasion that individuals from the nation over to perform Shraadh custom. This ceremonial holds extraordinary significance as, during this time, our predecessors are revered.

Shraadh service is likewise called the Pinda Daan, a ceremony accepted to carry salvation to our predecessors and is also a mandatory custom in the Hindu culture. Generally, Pitrapaksha Mela is a yearly occasion that is of much worth to the individuals of Bihar and the past.

Gaya is perhaps the holiest spot on the planet and consequently observing Pitrapaksha Mela is considered significantly more sacrosanct if done here. The occasion happens for the most part in September, in front of Navaratri.

Interesting facts about Pitrapaksha Mela

Holy Dip.

It is stunning to observe individuals’ affection for their friends and family who are not any more alive. They play out all the customs with most extreme dedication remembering taking a plunge for the blessed waters of River Ganges.

Food Offerings.

Individuals make food contributions to their predecessors. As a rule, the food incorporates lapsi, Kheer, dal, yellow gourd, the vegetable of spring bean, and rice. The food is prepared in a copper/silver vessels and is set on cups made of dried leaves or banana leaves. It is said that the contribution is acknowledged if a crow flies in and eats the food, as the winged creature is viewed as the courier of the predecessors’ spirits or Yama. What’s more, Brahmin ministers, a canine and a cow are likewise taken care of.

Worship in Temples.

The blessed city has numerous antiquated sanctuaries also, which are adored by individuals coming from everywhere India. Particularly during Pitrapaksha Mela, individuals love to divine beings to request sadgati of their progenitors. This is additionally done to make their visit in the other domain simple and serene.

The Shraadh Ritual.

This custom includes pinda dana in which pinda is offered to the precursors. The ceremonial aides that one should deliver water from their hands while remaining in the stream. At that point, Lord Vishnu, as a gold likeness or Shaligram stone, and Lord Yama, the God of death, are revered.

Time to Celebrate

The Pitrapaksha Mela in Gaya is held around in the period of September when individuals from everywhere the nation run to this spot to offer Pinda Daan for their precursors. This is the general month of the year, where we usually celebrate this festival. It is said that during these days, you have to offer some food to the crows flying around you. It will give peace to your ancestor’s soul. It is up to the belief of people who has faith in this story and who has not. But these are the points that everyone must know if you are interested in Indian culture.