Kanwar Lake bird sanctuary


Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary of Begusarai, Asia’s biggest freshwater oxbow, used to be a haven for migratory birds. It’s spread over a space of approximately sixty-eight sq km and will be the largest freshwater oxbow lake in Asia. Yes, you hear that properly. It’s often noted for its gorgeous public of migratory as well as indigenous birds. You are able to discover over a hundred species of birds inside the haven during the good season.

Why it is Important:

If you are expecting taking a break from the bustling avenues of Bihar and becoming mixed up in a peaceful air, at that point, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary will settle on for an incredible decision. It is one spot where you can appreciate an unpolluted situation and witness a few beautiful types of birds. If you are a nature lover, at that point, you like this place.

Some interesting Facts:

In the Begusarai, Bihar in India, Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is a famous bird sanctuary for visitors. Kanwar Lake is the largest freshwater Oxbow lake in Asia than the Bharatpur Sanctuary in Rajasthan. Even though Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is well known among travelers, this is the best place for bird and nature lovers. More than 106-110 types of birds live in this bird sanctuary; around 60 types of migratory birds come to this place from all over Asia.

How to reach:

Patna airport is the nearest airport, which is 160 km away from this place. Otherwise, you can book a taxi or cab from Patna to visit the sanctuary; you can also take any transport from begusarai to reach that point many vehicles available to Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary.

The Begusarai Rail station is the nearest rail station, which is around 30 km away from there. You can either hire a taxi or catch any open vehicle to arrive at the sanctuary from the railroad station. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is effectively available by the street.

Best time to visit:

During summer, Begusarai faces an incredibly hot climate; Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary is certifiably not a favored place to travel during the summer. The best time when you can visit the sanctuary in a lovely climate. October until the end of March is the best time to visit this beautiful place. You can also visit it during the rainstorm season when the lavish green excellence of the locale is at its pinnacle.


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