In the month of Vaisakh (April–May) the disciples of Gautama Buddha began to visit the places during the full moon. The Buddha here’s seen seated in dhyana mudra meditation pose, on an open lotus. The fantastic Buddha Statue was made from the representation of the holy occurrence. The incredible Buddha Statue is an awe-inspiring sight, standing at a level of approximately twenty-five m. This statue is the one of the biggest statues in India that shows Lord Buddha resting over a lotus.

Why the great Buddha Statue is important:

Twenty-five meters tall, it’s undoubtedly the largest and also the first Buddha statue ever constructed in India. Owing to the huge size of it’s, it’s actually a star catcher with not only the pilgrims but each tourist in Bodh Gaya. Located near the Mahabodhi Temple, this particular sculpture was unveiled in the season 1989 by The Holiness Dalai Lama of his. Bordered by ten lesser sculptures of Buddha’s disciples in the passageway resulting in the fantastic Buddha Statue, the entire visible is a breathtaking sight.

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Some intriguing facts

The Giant Buddha statue is a well-known Buddhist pilgrimage plus visitor’s attraction in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. The height of the sculpture is 19.5 m which represents Buddha’s dhyana mudra statue, on a lotus within the open air. The entire height of the building is eighty feet (twenty-four m) of that the Buddha can make up sixty-four feet, the lotus where the Buddha sits six feet and the lower pedestal ten feet. The sculpture had taken seven years to finish implementing the labor of 12,000 stonemasons. It’s built from a combination of red granite blocks and sandstone.

The making of the Statue took seven years and approximately 120,000 masons were involved in the construction of this statue.

The sculpture is partially hollow and it is believed to include certain 20,000 bronze Buddhas.

How you can achieve

From Gaya airport it is twelve kilometers away. When you come from various other main Indian towns, the nearest airport is probably in Patna, 140 kilometers (eighty-seven miles) at bay. From Patna by car it takes 3 to four-hour.

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The perfect time to go to

Weather wise the best time to visit is between February and November. Stay away from the monsoon season between September and June. Bodh Gaya attracts a lot of devotees during this particular time of Buddha Jayanti (Buddha’s birthday) celebrations, held in late April or perhaps May.

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